Theme parks & Lego!

The Issue

Legoland Windsor Resort is a uniquely brilliant family theme park. It’s jam-packed with rides, live shows, lego workshops for kids and more attractions than you can imagine in one place.
In short, Legoland is so overwhelmingly awesome that it needed to find a way to help visitors make the most of their experience, by helping guests book and plan their entire trip before they even arrive at the park itself.

How Many Bricks!

Did you know there are over 400 billion Lego bricks on the planet. That's enough to give every human being 64 each! #RandomFact

The Challenge

Legoland asked us to build an app that:

Skills Used

Cross platform
Data Architecture
Custom Geo-location

What we did

We built an app that follows the customer journey – pre, during and post visit. That means we share the most relevant content with the customer at the best time. We’ve made it fun, with loads of games and features, such as the Legoland photo booth, to keep people coming back to the app throughout their stay.
As well as being super-fun, the app just works. It helps visitors plan their trip on their mobile device, either building their own itinerary or using a suggested one. The app also links to an online ticket website, which helps drive ticket sales. Legoland park administrators can push notifications and update content, giving it real-time applicability too.
What we did image
The app is a fantastic way to get customers more excited about their holiday and makes keeping the details up to date extremely easy.
- Johan Lundgren - Deputy Chief Exec - TUI Travel
The Result image

The Result

The Legoland app compliments the already-awesome Legoland experience for families. By giving them a way to buy tickets, plan their journey, build a customised itinerary and have great fun, the Legoland experience just became even better than before.
We’ve also given Legoland staff a way to keep in touch with visitors via their phones, and given them the power to upload fresh new content to the app, so that guests know they’ve always got the most relevant information in their hands. Job done! Now everything really is awesome.

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